taking a break from homework ;A;

cascomehome asked: Hello I was wondering if I could use one of your art pieces as my sidebar? I would give you all the credit in my updates tab

sure go ahead!! ♥

boy--wolf asked: Your art is sooooooo cute and lovely awwhhhhh ♥ your style (´∇ノ`*)ノ

sdfghjasdf, Thank you so muuuuch! ;A; ♥


Thank you so much!! ♥ 

yeeeah! more about the mark of cain to night!!

merlinwnchstr asked: so.. i might have written something short (350 words) based off the piece of endverse art you recently posted (dean and cas sleeping in the cabin). is it OK with you if i post it? i'll link back to the piece obv.

asdfgjksdfghj! ;V;

YES! of course, i would love to read it! have a wonderful day ♥ 

floracas asked: oh my goddd your art is fantastic! i especially love your end!verse stuff ah it's so great ;;v;

I’m so glad you like my art! Thanks a lot :D 

Have a wonderful day ♥ 

sleeping in the cabin : >